Not good at counting sheep


I work full time and am nearly always busy when I’m not working… actually that’s a lie, by busy I must mean listening to music, watching videos on YouTube and going for walks. But, in my defence they are great distractions and a good way for me to ‘wind down’ after work. Anyway, I work full time and have am sometimes busy outside of work so one would think that I would be able to sleep well at night. Well that is not the case.

Like most people (I assume), everything that I have ever worried about, anything that has ever gone wrong, or any mistake that I have ever made (and trust me there are some big mistakes!) comes into my head and demands that I over analyse them.

I then have to distract myself to stop myself from having a panic attack or getting emotional or remembering things I really don’t want to remember. The way I distract myself is by watching videos or playing games on my ipad/phone. Which in turn keeps me more awake. 

I guess I need to find some other way to distract myself or to come to terms with (get over) the things that bother me when I’m trying to sleep. Which is the hard part. 

How do you get over things… big things that have made you are where you are/who you are today? Do you just let them go? Talk to someone about them? Confront the person/people that created the problem? Give it time? 

I think writing about some of them on here may help. By typing things out I may be able to work things through in my head. And hopefully that may help with my being able to sleep.

… Summer x



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